Do you have any questions ?

1.Lazy Switch will use my Wi-Fi Network. Does that mean it will consume my internet as well?
No, it will not consume your internet data since Lazy Switch has been designed to work on its own local network.
2. What if I change my Wi-Fi name?
If at all you change your Wi-Fi name (SSID), you will need to reset your Lazy Switch by pressing reset button on the device and then follow configuration procedure mentioned in the mobile application.
3. Does installation of Lazy Switch require lot of wiring?
No, we have designed Lazy Switch in such a way that it will need minimal amount of wiring.
4. Who will install lazy switch?
We have designed Lazy Switch as a DIY (do it yourself) solution. Every Lazy Switch will come with a comprehensive installation manual using which, anyone can do the installation. However, if you wish, Futuriztic does provide installation service at an added cost.
5. Where do I place Lazy Switch?
You should ideally place the device where there is good Wi-Fi range. Apart from this precaution, you can place it anywhere you wish – inside or outside the house.
6. How much time does it take for installation?
If all wiring is in place, it takes only 15 minutes to get the device up and running
7. If wiring is needed, then who will do the wiring?
We have designed Lazy Switch as a DIY (do it yourself) solution. Every Lazy Switch will come with a comprehensive guide for wiring, using which anyone will be able to do it.
8. Is there some hardware warranty?
Yes. Every Lazy Switch comes with a 1 year hardware Warranty. If anything happens to the hardware, we will replace it for free. *Conditions Apply* – Contact Us
9. Are there any other charges?
No. There are no other charges – You just have to pay for Lazy Switch device. The mobile application will come free of cost along with the device. If at all, you need some personnel to visit you from our end, there would be extra charges for the on-site service provided.
10. Do you take visiting charges?
Yes, we take a nominal visiting charge when our representative visits you. However if the issue is in the hardware and we come to collect it, then no charges are applicable. Also, in some special cases, the charges can be waived. *Conditions Apply* – Contact Us