Understanding client’s requirements clearly to offer best solutions.


We develop customized IoT based low-cost automation solutions.


We have exclusive tie-ups with other solution providers as well


We can provide combination of different solutions to cater to all needs.

Because, saving energy will be the greatest thing you do today.


Automation that makes a difference

Even though there are lot of automation solutions available in the market, there is a huge gap between the clients' requirements and solution provided. Many a times, it happens that the solutions provided to the customers don't solve the customer's needs completely. Hence, in order to help the customers and offer them better solutions, it was important to understand the technology first.

This idea led 3 members of a family to start Futuriztic - an Automation Solutions' DEVELOPER, CONCEPTUALIZER, INTEGRATOR and PROVIDER. We created Wi-Fi and IoT based automation solutions in our lab which are commercially available in the market. We also teamed up with the best automation solution providers who can offer the best-in-class solutions available in the market. With 25+ years of industrial automation background to back us up, we are sure to provide the most relevant solutions to our customers.

Why Choose Us

In the developing world, automation is the future. Automation provides more than just convenience; it provides security and safety as well. Also, the technology shouldn’t be over-engineered that people don’t understand it.
Here’s where Futuriztic’s role begins. We develop and provide affordable automation solutions which can be used easily in any existing routine – be it your home, office or factory. All our solutions are built to perfection to make user experience not only functional, but also enjoyable. With just a single touch from mobile – MONITOR, CONTROL & MANAGE EVERYTHING!