So, you want to automate your home, but don’t know if it will be helpful, if you will understand the technology and use it, can it be installed in your existing home…the answer to all your questions is YES!

Do you know that through automation, you can remotely control all your lights, fans, ACs, Main Gate, Garage Door, CCTV Systems, Water Pumps, Solar water heaters etc., schedule periphery lighting of the house, water sprinklers in garden, pool cleaning etc., and even sense gas & water leakages with alarm etc.

Home Automation, you can make your home safer and more secure, along with the obvious luxury of convenience – right at your fingertips. And, the most important benefit is the apparent savings on energy bills that user shall achieve with optimized energy consumption.

Below are just the couple of benefits of home automation:

Set Schedules Control From Mobile Multiple User Access
Set Timers Create Scenes Kid’s Control
Set Alarms Kid’s Control Check Status