People always wonder for what purposes automation can be implemented in a flat and will it be useful to them? The straight answer is YES!

You can schedule your night light to turn on and your children’s rooms light to turn off when its bed time – creating a night scene with children around. If there are old people living with you, let the bathroom lights turn on automatically when they get up in the night. The uses of automation in day to day life, even in a flat, are numerous.

And what if such kind of automation costs you less than your smart phone or tablet? You would surely invest in it because it can make your house safer and more secure, along with giving you the control – right at your fingertips. And, the most important benefit is the apparent savings on energy bills that user shall achieve with optimized energy consumption. Quite convincing right?

Below are couple of benefits of automation in a flat:

Set Schedules Control From Mobile Multiple User Access
Set Timers Create Scenes Kid’s Control
Set Alarms Kid’s Control Check Status