Hotels and Resorts

Whether a 20 room hotel or a 200 room resort, energy optimization if of utmost importance to increase profits in this competitive market where other players are constantly reducing prices to attract more customers to their hotels.

One may resist automation in a small hotel thinking the investment will be more than return and how much will be saved for such a small setup. On the other hand, a large resort may think that it will be impossible to control everything since the area is huge and automation will get expensive.

This is where Futuriztic can really help. We provide solutions to automate loads not only on the switch level but on the Distribution Board level as well. This means that the existing wiring doesn’t have to be touched at all. Below are certain areas where energy can be definitely saved:

Scheduling Periphery/ Parking Lights Scheduling Corridor/ Passage Lights Schedule Water Sprinklers
Remotely operate Pressure Pumps/ heaters Ring an Alarm from Mobile in emergency Smart Card access to Rooms
Control VRV Systems Control any equipment remotely Check online status of everything