Residential Complex

Nowadays, Residential Complexes are huge places with lot of multi-storey buildings with a common gardens, health club, swimming pool etc.

Whether it is an upcoming establishment or an already existing complex, automation is a necessity in these huge spaces, rather than relying on guards and other personnel who work on shift basis.

Builders can implement automation in their sample houses to attract more clients and to showcase luxury with convenience, along with scheduling the parking, periphery and floor lighting to give a uniform feel to the surrounding. Existing buildings can also use for their lighting purposes, also to shut off power supply to certain lifts during some hours or the day or scheduling of the pressure pump only during couple of hours in a day to avoid spillage and leakage of excess water.

Below are couple of benefits of implementing automation in a residential complex

Set Schedules Control From Mobile Multiple User Access
Set Timers Set Alarms Check Status
Water Management Lighting Management Pressure System Control