Lazy Switch gives you the power, right at your fingertips


Developed by Futuriztic, Lazy Switch is a
4-Port controller device that can connect to any type of electrical equipment – be it as small as lights/fans or as large as 200 A capacity or even more.
Lazy Switch device can be installed right beside a switchboard or near a Distribution Board to reduce wiring expense.
Lazy Switch comes in two models –
Lazy Switch and Lazy Switch Plus


We have developed a beautiful and simple mobile application which can be used to control electrical equipments that are connected with the Lazy Switch device. Lazy Switch Mobile Application is available for free download on Android and iOS Platforms. (Put icon of both).

Lazy Switch Device Features.

Multiple Port Control

Control up to 4 types of equipments with single device

Controls Heavy Loads too

Connect Heavy loads like Pressure Pumps, AHU, Compressor etc.

2 Models Available

Wi-Fi based model and Internet based model available based on requirements

Easy to Install

Very easy, ‘plug n play’ installation process. Can install it beside a switchboard or even a distribution board.

Hardware Button Available

The digits in the device are hardware buttons. You can also turn ON/OFF equipment using the button.

App Based Control

Once device is installed, use the app to control your equipments. The app comes with many features that will suffice all your needs.

Motivated by the desire to offer a Beautiful Experience.

  • 01
    Set Multiple Schedules
    Set multiple schedules for every port based on your needs.
  • 03
    Cyclic Mode Feature
    Set a running duration and then a resting duration; and put it in a cyclic mode. Best to be used for 24x7 running equipments.
  • 05
    Customize Equipment Name
    Customize names for your equipments in app and even set customized pictures.
  • 07
    Multiple User Access
    Allows more than 1 user to connect to device with existing or new username and password.
  • 02
    Set Timers
    Set timer apart from schedules for small duration use of equipment
  • 04
    Vacation Mode Feature
    Let all schedules go into snooze mode when you are away for couple of days.
  • 06
    Sync multiple LS devices
    View up to 50 Lazy Switch devices in a single app.
  • 08
    Ease of Use
    Very easy to use app with guidance at every step.. Even the old can easily get used to app.

Ask a question

Any precautions before Lazy Switch device installation?
Yes. Wherever you install the device, the device should be in the range of a Wi-Fi network. Power-up the device once all wires are successfully connected as per the wiring diagram in the installation manual.
How much time will it take to finish setup?
The app does all the connection process without you needing to put any details or press any buttons. It will take anywhere between 2 – 5 minutes to complete the setup process, after which you can start controlling your equipments with phone.
Will my schedules work if my Wi-Fi is not working?
Yes. Absolutely. Our device has internal memory which stores all schedules, timers and cycles. Once you have set the schedules, no need to worry. Even if the Lazy Switch device is not in Wi-Fi network, the schedules will still work.


Different Variants of Lazy Switch

We have two variants for Lazy Switch at the moment. Our proficient and passionate team of developers is always working hard to create products that matter.
Lazy Switch
Wi-Fi Enabled
  • 4-Port Controller
  • Wi-Fi Based Technology
  • Control Any Type of Equipment
  • Mobile App Available
  • 1 Schedule per Port
  • Set Schedules & Timers